Daddy’s Day Out is a blog that specifically caters to Daddies, Soon-To-Be-Dads, and Men in general. Today, most blogs focus on general lifestyle, tech, travel, and motoring.

Meanwhile, parenting blogs are mostly managed by women who also discuss topics on men as parents and husbands, but based on their point-of-view. Daddy’s Day Out aims to break away from that traditional way of discussing things on blogs.

Daddy’s Day Out features five (5) major subjects: WORK, PLAY, GEARS, UNWIND, and BEER TALK.

WORK. The Work section talks about things that men usually encounter during work, the things they do, and tips-and-tricks that may help other dads or men. Topics in this area include finances, investments, savings, and more. The section also talks about the lifestyle that a daddy has on a day-to-day basis.

PLAY. Men are actually kids at heart. One cannot separate a guy from his childhood instinct and go back to being happy-as-a-kid. The Play section features things that men love to do when they are not at work such as being into sports and gaming.

GEARS. This section is where man meets machine. Men love to have the latest gadget, the fastest car, or the most macho pickup truck out there. This section basically covers everything tech and motoring. These things never fail to excite men, as well as the women around them.

UNWIND. After being a responsible father who provides for his family, every dad needs a break, whether by simply having a visit at the local barbershop or flying to a cool travel destination on a weekend. The Unwind section is all about travel and leisure. And of course, nightlife destinations are not excluded from the list.

BEER TALK. Every man has his secrets and only their closest friends mostly know these secrets. The Beer Talk section differentiates Daddy’s Day Out from other existing blogs. Here, people can read real stories from men, ranging from the happiest moment of having their first girlfriend to their family struggles as a father. Stories published here can be used as an inspiration or a source of realization for other men, as well as for their girlfriends or wives, to achieve better relationships ahead. Stories may be written by the blog admins or those sent by their readers. In short: BEER TALK is REAL TALK.

Summing it up, Daddy’s Day Out is a blog that talks about all things men. After all, it is the father who pays for everything. Well, most of the time.