In collaboration with Cantilan Bank, Oradian delivered its cloud-based core banking system, technical training and global best practices to all of Cantilan Bank’s 44 branches across 12 provinces in the Mindanao and the Visayas regions. With Oradian’s services, Cantilan Bank has extended its reach beyond its brick and mortar branches by offering digital financial services. According to Tanya Hotchkiss, Cantilan Bank’s Executive Vice President, “We are committed to our mission of financial inclusion in the Philippines. Cloud technology is proving to fast-track our ability to serve more unbanked individuals throughout Mindanao.” Cantilan Bank is reaping the business benefits of improved efficiency and informed decision-making with real-time data access. Oradian’s cloud-based banking system offers enhanced security and enables growth without the burden of incremental costs associated with on-premise systems. Banks moving their services into the cloud are in a better position to serve their most remote clients. “We worked closely with Cantilan Bank to digitise their operations and processes and enable their business to run on one platform – across all branches. Regulatory reporting is simplified and more efficient with the dynamic reporting platform. Now that all Cantilan Bank’s processes and data are consolidated, they can focus more resources on their clients and serving their needs. One of the most important aspects of Cantilan Bank using Instafin is the improved strategic decision-making capability enabled by the data that is readily available in real-time.” stated Julian Oehrlein, Head of Product and Co- Founder of Oradian. Within four years, Oradian has built a community and network of more than 45 visionary financial institutions in the Philippines who are embracing technology to reach the country’s bold financial inclusion targets and expand their client bases. ]]>

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