I trust it with my race car and it’s such a relief that I don’t have to worry about anything when I’m running around the track going out fast. I’m just thankful that they’re here and have partnered with the Vios Cup. I have zero complaints; everything is really great and so proud and honored to be with Petron. Troy Montero, Racer at the Round 2 of the 2018 Vios Cup I choose Petron XCS because I use it for my everyday lifestyle. I use it for my two cars and my race car as well. And those PVCs (Petron Value Cards) are always ready inside my cars. Aubrey Miles Another keen competitor, Fabio Ide, who took 2nd place finishes in both Race 1 and 2 observed, “Petron XCS helps my engine go faster, cleaner and better. Also for the mileage, I know I can use my car for a longer period of time. It’s the best choice.” Petron XCS is the ideal choice for the 2018 Vios Cup as it is a 95-octane high-quality premium gasoline offering Complete Combustion System. It is formulated with an additive technology based on organic combustion enhancer for quick engine response, excellent engine protection, and optimal fuel efficiency. Like all Petron fuels, Petron XCS offers the TriAction Advantages of (1) better engine protection for longer engine life; (2) better mileage for longer drives; and (3) better power. Powered by Petron XCS, Vios Cup competitors have taken advantage of the enhanced engine power and responsiveness to maximize their on-track results. In this partnership, Toyota Motor Philippines and Petron Corporation, industry leaders and trusted brands by Filipino motorists, have come together in a grassroots motorsports program to discover and nurture rising stars in Philippine motorsports.]]>

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