People in Luneta were very delighted with the concert but there is one song that really gave me a “last song syndrome.” It was a song played by the PNP Band. The song really depict the values that every police officer and soldier should have. It was sung under the tune of “Pusong Bato.” It has a very striking message and it really stuck in my head. I was able to meet them after their performance and has a short talk with the man behind the song, PO1 Robert Abella Jr. He said that the lyrics of the song was inspired by their duties and reponsibilities. Another inspiration of the lyrics are the people whome they serve. It was crafted so that the people may know that the people in uniformed service are there not just decoration but really to serve the Filipinos. [caption id="attachment_6918" align="aligncenter" width="570"]PNP Band The PNP Band during the Musikalayaan 2015 Independence Day concert.[/caption] Di nyo man ituring na bayani, Maglilingkod parin ako As a police officers and soldiers, their sword duty is to protect the people. Our soldiers and police officers should always be there to provide security and peace of mind to the people. In giving their life for the people’s sake, they do not ask any thing in return. They do not ask for any rewards nor recognition. I understand that some of the people has a bad impresison for the police and soldier. I really can’t blame them but I hope that they would re-asses how they look at our uniformed service. I know that there are some who are not really loyal to the duties that they have sworn to but then they are just so few compared to the thaousands of police officers and soldiers who are faithful to the people and our country.  Let us always bear in mind that our soldiers and police officers are doing their duties that may event cost them their lives. [caption id="attachment_6917" align="aligncenter" width="570"]PO1 Eribal PO1 Eribal sings at Musikalayaan 2015 Independence Day concert.[/caption]  

Pusong Pulis

Nais kong malaman nyo Prinsipyo koy di magbabago Kahit na sobrang pangit Tingin ng iba sa amin Sinumpaan kong tungkulin Ihandog buong buhay ko Yan ay maaasahan nyo Yan ang aking pangako

CHORUS: Di nyo alam dahil sa inyo Dangal koy ihahain Buhay koy iaalay Ito ang aking layunin Di nyo man ituring na bayani Maglilingkod parin ako Dahil pulis ako, pulis nyo po…

Kahit san madistino, Ayos lang para sa akin Lahat ay titiisin Para sa bayan natin



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