sunshop3 Sun Shop Customer Service Waiting time was so brief and I was assigned to a rep named Jocelyn Daniel. She greeted me with a very big smile on her face, at that point, I already felt better. She seems to know what she was talking about. Then I explained her my concern. I told her that I was being charge extra for calls and texts which is supposedly free because I have a consumable credits on my Sun Elite Plan 1500. She told to to wait for about 5 minutes for her to have enough time to check on my concern. She came back and told me that what I have on my Sun Elite Plan 1500 is a different plan profile. It was different from what I know. She said she can correct it right away then she handed me a pen a form to sign. While signing the form, she asked me if I would still want a reversal on the previous charges which is just a few hundreds. I told her that applying the reversal may take sometime. “No need for the reversal as long as my concern will be fixed,” I said. After handing the form that I signed, she made a few clicks on her computer and told me that the new profile will take effect on my next billing cut off. sunshop1 Great Customer Experience As a former trainer and team lead for customer service campaigns in the BPO Industry, I believe that there are four key skills that a representative should have to create a great customer experience. I have experience all our of these from Jocelyn Daniel, the Sun Shop rep that handled my concern. First is “Knowledge about the Product.” I am pretty sure show knows what she was saying about the product. It didn’t take her a long time to explain to me what had really happened with my concern. Second is “Attentiveness.” Jocelyn was really attentive. I can say that she is listening to every word I say because I did not have to repeat my concern to her. She got immediately got it on my first time I explained myself. Third is “Communication Skills.” While she was addressing my concern, we had short talks. I will give her a grade of A+ on this. And lastly, a representative should have a “Calming Presence.” I will say that I am quite frustrated because I was being charged extra on my phone bill, but when the rep appeared in front of me with a big smile and energetic greetings, the frustrations just went away. I can say that Sun Cellular is so lucky to have Jocelyn Daniel with you. I believe, having more  people like her will give great experience to each of your customer.]]>

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