BPI Express Assist Online (BEA) BEA Online is an online branch transaction appointment system built-in to BPI Express Online, the bank’s online banking platform. This facility enables customers to choose a time-slot for their branch transactions, making branch banking faster and more convenient. With BEA you can now book your appointments on line. BEA enables customers schedule an appointment prior to going to the bank. Once an appointment is booked, you will be given an appointment number which you will present to the bank for you to be able to go directly to the counter and do your transactions.   The BPI Smartphone Application Almost everyone that has a bank account owns a Smartphone and nothing is more convenient in doing everything in the palm of your hands. Transfer to anyone, Buy Load Online, Bank of the Philippine Islands, BPI, BPI Family Bank, Pay Bills Online, Cash Deposits, Wire Transfer, 247 Banking, BPI Express Online BPI has a mobile application which is available both on Android and iOS devices. This application let’s you do almost everything that you need to do with your bank. With BPI Mobile App, you can check your balance, transfer money, pay the bills, buy prepaid load, locate and ATM machine, check BPIs ongoing promos, and you can even check the foreign currency exchange rate. [gallery ids="3364,3365,3366"]     The Better Bank of the Philippine Islands BPI does not only make their transactions with customers faster and easier but they also had improved a lot of their services for their customers’ convenience. Transfer to anyone, Buy Load Online, Bank of the Philippine Islands, BPI, BPI Family Bank, Pay Bills Online, Cash Deposits, Wire Transfer, 247 Banking

  • 50K Transfer-to-Anyone. From Php10,000 now the allowed amount that you can transfer to anyone was raised to Php50,000 a day per account. You can now transfer a total amount of Php50,000 to any BPI or BPI Family Savings account. The best thing about this is that there are no service fee in using this transaction.
  • 300+ Bills Payment  Merchants Available. No more hassle of going to your electricity, water, or telephone provider just to pay your bills. With BPI you can do it at home, at the office, or with your Smartphone.  Safe and effective and the best that I like about this, it is very easy.
  • 6 Months Transactions Records. If other banks can only give the latest three months banking statement with BPI you can view to the latest 6 months of your banking transactions. If you want a hard copy to be used as a requirement for a load, credit card application, or anything, all you have to do is click the print button from the dashboard and Ola!, you have your records ready in no time.
  • Express Cash Deposit Machines. BPI has distributed cash deposits machine across Metro Manila and to the major cities across the Philippines. What are these cash deposits machines? They are ATM’s where in you can do all of your regular ATM transactions except for withdrawing money. These machines are specifically designed for cash deposits. Cash deposits are being done already in ATM’s before. You have to put your cash to be deposited in an envelope and insert it in the ATM machine. The money that you deposited will only reflect on your account after a bank representative picks up the deposited money and brings it to the bank to complete the transaction. But with cash deposit machines, the money that you deposited will reflect on your account real time after you are done with your transaction. No more waiting.  The machine allows you to deposit your money in these denimunations—100, 500, 1000.
  • BPI Branches Everywhere. BPI gives you the convenience of having a bank near you. Instead of having just one per location, they are putting more branches just to be near its customers and give them convenience. You will see them everywhere and if you are not sure where, you can easy check the nearest branch by using the BPI Mobile app on your Smartphone. So you don’t have to worry if you ran out of money because BPI is always there for you to withdraw and replenish your cash on hand.
Indeed, BPI is providing better banking experience and making banking easier. I can say that it is BPI who is really finding ways. By the way, I just made the switch. How about you?]]>

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