Advocacy, iSeaHorse, Save the Sea Horses, Sea Horse The Seahorses are among the ocean’s most mysterious and threatened animals. These organisms are a flagship species because of unique characteristics such as male Seahorse pregnancy and certain species that are known to mate for life. They are charismatic symbols of the seagrasses, mangroves, coral reefs, estuaries and seaweeds where they make their homes. Today, Seahorse population worldwide is in danger because of overfishing, destructive fishing practices and habitat loss. Hence, the success of the iSeahorse-Philippines will serve as an indicator of a healthy marine ecosystem because saving seahorses means saving the seas.   The Share To Save the Seahorse campaign iSeahorse Philippines “Share to save the Seahorse campaign” was initially introduced on October 24, 2013 at the Philippine Association of Marine Scientists 12th Symposium at UP Visayas in Tacloban City. Attendees of the event consisted of Marine scientists, researchers and students. The campaign was warmly welcomed, particularly gaining attention on the delicate nature of the Seahorse amongst other marine species as well as its importance in the whole marine ecosystem. Advocacy, iSeaHorse, Save the Sea Horses, Sea Horse   Partners, Funders and Collaborators iSeahorse Philippines is a country-based initiative of iSeahorse: Saving Seahorses together project and funded by Whitley Fund for Nature (, a UK registered charity. It is also made possible by the generous support of I Love Pilipinas, The Islands Group and several individual advocates.

Advocacy, iSeaHorse, Save the Sea Horses, Sea Horse


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