torque A proudly Pinoy brand revolutionizes the Filipino mobile phone landscape. With its unwavering commitment to deliver quality and affordable products at par with foreign brands to the local mobile phone market, Filipino brand TORQUE marks its fifth year of operations in the Philippines. With the technological revolution that has taken the mobile communications world by storm, TORQUE is proud to continuously keeping pace with the constant quest for new breakthroughs in terms of design and functionality. TORQUE’s beginnings in the country traces back to 2008, when they first took advantage of the surge of mobile phone usage  in the Philippines. Understanding the needs of consumers, TORQUE has introduced a multitude of options to mobile users that fit their lifestyle and budget. Today, TORQUE is considered to be among the key players in a highly competitive and aggressive mobile phone industry. “TORQUE has, indeed, gone a long way given the relatively short time of operations,”  TORQUE CEO Christopher Uyco said. “In keeping up with the very dynamic mobile phone market in the Philippines, our commitment remains the same: to provide innovative product designs and higly thoughtful specifications based on what the market demands.” As the first local mobile brand to launch the most affordable mobile phones and tablets with superb features found in foreign brands, TORQUE’s status has improved up to 7th and then up to 5th for the past 3 years. To date, TORQUE’s revenue has increased to 150 percent compared to 2012. For five years, TORQUE has given the Filipino users the freedom of choice to select the mobile phones and tablets that fit their lifestyle, at a cost that will give them the best value for their money. “We engineer and design our own phones and tablets  through our scaled and talented TORQUE engineering team,” Uyco related. “From the seemingly insignificant details too the essential functions, each product is made with only excellence in mind.”]]>

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