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The Tour  guide instructed us to wear the Life jacket for safety purposes. And the Tour Guide also give us some information about what we need to know in our Island Hopping Tour. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2285,2286,2287,2284,2282,2283,2279,2280,2281,2278"]   For our first stop, Small Lagoon. We need to take Kayak ride to explore the place because the place is quite small for big boats. If you are good enough to swim or you wanted to take some exercise, you you may do so. Swimming with life vest is really tiring and exhausting. But once you enter the place you will really appreciate the beauty and you’ll know that all the effort is worth it. Unfortunately, we were not able to take pictures inside. We wouldn’t want our cameras to get wet.   [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2293,2294,2288,2289,2295,2290,2291,2292"]   Second stop is the Big Lagoon where the movie Bourne Legacy was shot. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2573,2574,2576,2579,2575,2577,2572,2578,2580,2581,2582,2583,2584,2585,2586"]   Here are the sumptuous food prepared specially for us by the boatmen. They are so creative and also the food is really inviting and indeed delicious! [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2632,2628,2627,2621,2620,2617,2629,2630,2618,2631,2624,2625,2626,2636,2616"]   Third stop is in this Secret Lagoon, where our lunch was served by our boatmen. Upon entering the Secret Lagoon you need to walk  through the beach with the water above waist level. You will also enter the small hole to see the beauty of Secret Lagoon. Being a camwhore, it’s a great time to pose and take pictures at the place.   [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2587,2590,2591,2588,2589,2593,2594,2597,2598,2599,2600,2601,2612,2602,2604,2610,2619,2615,2622,2637,2596,2638,2639,2650,2651,2647,2648,2642,2641,2613,2607,2608,2611,2609,2605,2603"]   After having our lunch, we hopped into the boat again to continue our tour. We are not able to go to our Fourth destination due to strong wave so the tour guide re-route us at the Simizu. We are able to swim with the fish. 536392_10200448071597067_454032831_n 35012_601314216563095_310467732_n 578311_10200486907367937_397168143_n   Since the sunset cannot be experienced at the El Nido Town, One of the tourist suggested if we’d like to stay at 7th Commando but it’s not included in our tour because we are supposed to be back at 4pm so we just added 200 pesos for each passenger. Before going to 7th Commando, we dropped by a beach front in which I can’t remember the name. The sand here is really fine like the sand in Panglao, Bohol. Since the resident also have a store there, we bought Coconut Juice for refreshment.   58922_601327169895133_366580715_n 548945_601327233228460_1793477283_n 45643_10200486908887975_1747764554_n 484000_10200486908607968_2099279527_n 625433_601327199895130_961540539_n     After waiting and having a small chit chat with the other tourist, we headed headed to 7th Commando where we will witness the sunset.   [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2686,2679,2667,2666,2665,2688,2684,2677,2670,2669,2672,2671,2681,2687,2689,2680,2663,2662,2674,2678,2676"]   El Nido wouldn’t be complete if we don’t go out at night. We chose to dine in a beach front restaurant. We met Mr. Joshua Castellana, a New Yorker guy who happens to be traveler and a writer.   [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2701,2702,2703,2704,2705,2698,2697,2696,2694,2695,2692,2693,2700,2699"] El Nido is indeed a hidden paradise but also a great and awesome place to visit. Its like watching a travel show in a Television. Sometimes, its not about how the beautiful place you’ve gone to, it’s all about the good friends and the people you met as you go along.        ]]>

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