ip address What is an IP Address? An Internet Protocol Address or IP Address is a unique string of numbers separated by periods that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network. In the lay man’s term as posted on PC Mech, an IP-Internet Protocol-Address is how your computer is identified and located online. It’s a fluid value, and often tends to change. . There are actually two kinds of IP addresses- a local IP, and a global IP. A local IP works within a single network, and a global IP works over the entire Internet. In order to find a system online, you’ll need the global IP, among other things. Your IP Address is like your home and I am sure you do not want anyone stalking at your home. Some of the Facebook links uses URL Shortener which causes a link to go a lot of redirects without you noticing it. There are also some redirects that will route you to a script that will store your IP into their data base. If someone already have your IP address, that person can trace your location from the computer that you are using. If you are using a home internet line, that’ll be more dangerous because you are also risking everyone at you home. I am not over exaggerating the story but then, there is nothing wrong if we will opt to be safer. Avoid Clicking Links that you dont trust on Facebook Not all links on Facebook are helpful. Some might endanger you. People will use some interesting facts and ideas to lure you in clicking the link for them to be able to get your IP address. Here is a short video on how your IP address can be traced just by clicking a link.


  I am not saying that all links on Facebook are harmful. Just be careful and take note, Click at your own risk.]]>

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