Primos Lounge, REO, Yolanda, Otic, Beatles, Bloomfields Last December, I was invited by a friend drop by and check out Primos Cuisine and Lounge located at Greenfields District along Shaw Boulevard. Food and drinks were served and I never thought that I would witness such a story of Hope, Faith, and Determination. As we were passing the food and drinking our beers, we were introduced to one of the owners of Primos who happens to be one of the great artists of the Philippine Music industry–“Ang kilabot ng mga kolehiyala” and the original “Lalakeng binabato ng panty”, Mr. Rannie Raymundo. Primos Lounge, REO, Yolanda, Otic, Beatles, Bloomfields     The band came and started to play and I can say that I am amazed with how they perform. The Beatles was re lived in their performance. The Band is REO. Primos Lounge, REO, Yolanda, Otic, Beatles, Bloomfields     The REO Band REO which is a band of brothers, the band’s name stands for the initials of the members’ name. R for their first name, E for their middle name, and O is for their last name. They are literally brothers. How amazing! You will rarely see these kind of bands today. I was really stunned with their performance. We were seated at the smoking area of the place but on the first tune of their song, I saw myself standing up in front of the stage watching them and having a good feel of what music really is. Primos Lounge, REO, Yolanda, Otic, Beatles, Bloomfields   Here is a quick look on how they re-lived The Beatles


  The Story of Hope, Faith, and Determination These guys came all the way from Tacloban. They are victims of the super typhoon Yolanda. All of us know what happened to Leyte. Everything was devastated. A great city was a total wreck. But even after Yolanda destroyed everything, one thing still remain strong, their Spirit. As we go through the night, we were introduced to Mr. Rey Fuentes. Mr. Fuentes shared to us the story of how the Tacloban-based-brothers came to Manila. It was June 2012, while Mr. Fuentes was in Tacloban for some business and family matters, he happen to watch the REO Band perform live. As he was impressed by their performance, he talked to the band manager who happens to be the father of the four boys and gave him a business card. “Call me whenever you are in Manila, I’ll help if you need anything,” Mr. Fuentes added. Then the storm came and everything was destroyed. No property was saved. It was like hell for everyone at Tacloban during that time. Full of hope and with a strong spirit, the band together with their parents decided to move to Manila and re-build their life. From their home, it took them a few hours walking to the terminal, and two days travel to Manila with only water, biscuits, and a few candies in their pockets. After getting to Manila, they are clueless on where to start and don’t even know what the future lies for them, the father suddenly remembered Mr. Rey Fuentes, and the business card that was given to him. So he immediately took it our from his wallet, the card is still wet so they let it dry first under the sun. Just one call, and Mr. Fuentes is there to help. Such kindness that you don’t see everyday. Such kindness will change lives. Here is a video of a glimpse of REO’s story uploaded by ABSCBNNews.


Mr. Fuentes knows very well that the band is exemplary and he felt the need to call Mr. Tom Banguis. The band played three songs in from of Mr. Banguis and without second thoughts, Mr. Banguis called a friend–Mr. Bobby Caparas of Primos Lounge. Mr. Caparas allowed the band to play in front of the restaurant’s guests. [caption id="attachment_2897" align="aligncenter" width="601"]REO-Rothers-Band-010 Mr. Rey Fuentes share with us the story of REO Band. (Photo from[/caption] It was the first time for the band to play their music at Primos. People are amazed, not just with their music but also with their story of survival, they got a standing crowd clapping and cheering for them. People were shouting “Let me buy you clothes”, “We will buy you your instruments”, “We will help you with what you need.” The crowd also took the initiative of passing a hat and was able to raise Php37,000. To the people’s surprise, the band was invited to play again. Primos Lounge is always jam-packed with people every time that REO Band is there to play.   A new life The people immediately heard about REO and they started to come to Primos Lounge to listen to them. News was spread all over the internet and they were also recognozed by ABS-CBN and Star Records. REO’s story taught me a lot of things and the most important is that I should not let anything destroy me, that in everything that will happen, whether good or bad, my spirit should be strong and firm. REO Band, The Band of Brothers, The band full of Hope, Faith, and Determination.  ]]>

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