Samsung, Solid State Drive, SSD, EVO SSD 840   Samsung EVO SSD 840 Samsung SSD 840 EVO was launched last December 18, 2013. This is a revolutionary device that will improve your computing system, or perhaps will make it as if it is a brand new device. The Samsung SSD  840 EVO that was launched here in the Philippines has two variants-120GB which costs ₱5,390 and 250GB for ₱9,390. The Samsung SSD  840 EVO is available at Villman, Complink, Acenet, Asianic, PC Hub, Infoworx, and other Samsung authorized dealers.   SSD vs HDD Hard Disk Drive or HDD is the traditional spinning storage device installed on our computers. It is a metal platter with magnetic coating that holds all your files. The HDD is more prone to data corruption when transfering files especially when it is accidentally dropped. Solid State Drive or SSD is also a storage device. Better than HDD. It doesn’t have a spinning device. It is like saying having a USB stick installed on within your computer, but a better, faster, and more efficient. SSD provides you faster booting time, energy efficiency, faster file transfer. [caption id="attachment_2883" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Samsung, Solid State Drive, SSD, EVO SSD 840 Samsung EVO SSD 840 (Left) and Samsung HDD (Right)[/caption]   How to Install? Installing the Samsung SSD 840EVO is very easy. First, you’ll need a SATA to USB cable for file transfer. After connecting the SSD to your PC or Laptop, it will automatically run the Data Migration software to transfer the files and operation system from your PC or Laptop to your SSD. If the files exceeds the SSD’s capacity, it will prompt you to select the files that your want to transfer. After the transfer is done, all you have to do is open your laptop, remove the old HDD, and install the Samsung SSD 840 EVO. If you have a big HDD, you’ll need a SATA 2.5 tray before you install it. Let’s watch Ms. Hanna Alipio of Samsung Electronics Philippines as she shows us how to install the Samsung SSD 840 EVO.


Actually, I already have installed the Samsung SSD 840 EVO on my old laptop. I bought this laptop last 2007 and still the laptop that I am using. Normally it will take more than a minute for it to boot up, sometimes, more than two minutes. After I have installed the SSD, it will only take a few seconds to fire up. I can also easily transfer files from my external storage to my laptop or vice versa. I am really satisfied with Samsung SSD 840 EVO. Here is a short clip that shows the boot up.


I am quite hesitant of letting go of my old laptop because it has a big sentimental value to me. It has been my workmate, playmate, and has been with me in everything I do. Thanks to Samsung SSD 840 EVO for making it a better and faster device. I would strongly recommend this product. For those of you who doesn’t want to let go of your old systems for what ever reasons you have, you might as well want to get the Samsung SSD 840 EVO and have a faster, and more reliable computing system.]]>

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