Women’s Intuition Others may or may not agree but there is a big percentage that a woman’s intuition is right. This does not only apply on cheating in a romantic relationship but this is in general. I would always remember when I was younger, my mom would tell me not to do certain things but of course I would still do it. Surprisingly, she would just look and me and she knows that I did something, and during that time I really can’t figure out how she knew it. Moreover, women’s instinct has a relation with a bond between her and the other person involved. If the attachment is so deep, she would easily feel if something is wrong—either on how a person talks, looks, and move. In a romantic relationship, if a man did something wrong, whether he is really good in hiding it, she would know it. A woman is really good in matching evidences and answers to different questions that she’s asking. She can even create a novel out of those questions and answers. She knows how to create different traps on how to get into the bottom of the situation. And once a man is caught in that trap, he’s a dead meat.   By pass those instincts like a Stealth Ninja A man always have their own ways how to hide their secrets but then woman’s Jean Grey-like-intuition can easily detect it, and from there the questioning starts. So how can we avoid the Phoenix?

  • Don’t shit in your own backyard. Men always have a tendency to pitch themselves to their hot office mate or to their MILF bosses, with a girl-next-door, or to a girl nearby his place. But then this is a No-No. If you create an affair with an officemate, tendency of to be the talk of the town. You will endanger both of your relationship and your career. And if you hook up with a girl next to your apartment, tendency is you will always sneak up whenever there is a chance. And the more you do it, the more chance that you will be caught. Better keep you thing in your pants.
  • Be a story-teller. Your partner would always want to hear success stories about you and how good you are in your career.  Tell her more about your work and what happened that they. She’ll love it. In that way, you can still in her mind that you are telling her everything, and that will create a shadow for you to do your ninja thing.
  • Be the king of the kitchen. There was a saying that “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, this also applies to women. Cook for here, take good care of her. A good food personally cooked by you will let her feel that she’s your queen and that you are always there to take good care of her.
  • Be the Poet. “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Create small notes especially for your partner. Small notes that will re-assure her everyday that she’s your woman and that you are her man. Always tell her how beautiful she is and how you fell in love with her. With that, you will neutralize her powers and just focus on your words.
  • Be the invisible man. Never let yourself be introduced to your “friend’s friends”. The more people on her side that knows you, the little that your world will become. Another thing is never take photos of you and your “friend.” Never leave anything that will show your face especially if you don’t have a twin. No need to tell more.
  • Keep your mouth shut. There are some things that are better kept than spoken about. Keep your secrets to yourself. Do not tell it to anyone, not to your friends, not even your brother. Your secrets will never be safe except for your own self. Enough said.
  These are just some thoughts but of course, in the end, if your partner already asks questions, that would only mean one thing—she already knows something. Better tell the truth and promise that you will not do it again. And if you promise, keep it. There is no better relationship than the one that is founded on honesty. A tagalog saying would go like this “Masarap gawin ang bawal.” But come to think of it, “Di ba mas masarap gawin ang legal.” =)     [stextbox id=”info” caption=”Disclaimer“]The author just shared his thoughts and does not encourage anyone to be a Ninja. =)[/stextbox]]]>

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