Apparel - 404 It is like a loyalty card that you use in the supermarket of in the malls. You earn points for every shopping that you do. In this case, you earn points for the amount that you load up to your mobile number. These points is as good as cash wherein you may use it to buy load, pay for your food, purchase  movie tickets, shop for clothes, or even buy your favorite gadgets. But then there are times that your Globe Reward Points are not enough or lacks a few point to but your desired things. So what are you going to do? Either you pay in cash, or you load up again to earn more point. Quite a hassle right? But then because Globe understands its customers’ need, they have come up with a new method on how you can easily get Globe Reward Point and for you to buy your thing—you can now convert your GCASH directly into globe reward points. Until January 30, 2014, Globe and TM subscribers can now convert their GCash to Globe Reward Point. This is very timely for the Christmas season. You can buy yourself a Christmas gift using the points that you earned. And if you lack points, you can use your GCash to get more points. Like what I just did last Friday, I thought going out on a Saturday for a movie but I don’t want to pay extra cash for it. Since I have a couple of reward points I decided to use it. So I checked the web on how much is the movie tickets. Just found out that I am short of 38 reward points to get 4 movie tickets for us. Since I only need 38 points I just converted my GCash credits instead of withdrawing it via ATM. In short, we had a great movie without paying. Was able to save a few hundreds and just use it to take home some food. Simply a great deal! How to convert your GCash to Globe Reward Points

  1. Dial *143# using your Globe or TM SIM.
  2. Select GCash
  3. Select Buy Stuff
  4. Select Convert 25 GCash to 20 Globe Rewards Points to self
  5. Enter PIN
  6. Press 1 OK to confirm transaction
  7. Then you will receive a notification that the transaction is successful
1530475_669601443092236_1395351395_n (1) 1527103_669603169758730_620630959_n 1533894_669601379758909_2065250561_n 1476715_669601339758913_1144165720_n 994099_669601249758922_1708218271_n 1497805_669601303092250_125008316_n 1511403_669601236425590_822211614_n 1525346_669601209758926_2143363007_n Please take note that the Globe Reward Points converted from your GCash will reflect the following day.   Aside from using your Globe Reward Points to Globe’s partner merchants, you can also use to buy load, gadgets, or other stuff buy texting to 4438. You will be given a list on what you can get for every point that you have. All you have to do is to simply type in the corresponding code of your desired item and send it to 4438.   Here are some of the things that you can buy with your Globe Reward Points PREPAID LOAD
  • SULITXT15 (100 texts to Globe/TM valid 1 day)=15pts
  • POWERSURF15 (20MB of mobile internet valid 1 day)=15pts
  • UNLI20 (unlitxt to Globe/TM valid 1 day)=20pts
  • UNLI40 (unlitxt to Globe/TM valid 2 days)=40pts
  • GCOMBO50 (150 texts + 40 mins to Globe/TM valid 2 days)=50pts
  • UNLI80 (unlitxt to Globe/TM valid 5 days)=80pts
  • GCALL100 (60 mins to Globe/TM valid 5 days)=100pts
  • GCOMBO200 (215 texts + 40 mins to Globe/TM valid 5 days)=200pts
  • STARBUCKS300 = 507pts
  • LAZERTAG (2 Lazer Extreme Platinum Cards) = 587pts
  • SMMOVIE (P400 SM movie pass) = 607pts
  • JOLLIBEE (P500 Jollibee GC) = 657pts
  • NATIO500 (P500 National Bookstore GC) = 682pts
  • MAGICCARD (3-pc Magic Collectible Card Set) = 687pts
  • SM500 = 707pts. GAISANO500 = 707pts
  • FRESHAIRE500 = 707 pts
  • BRUNOS500 = 707pts
  • RUNRIO (P500 RunRio Voucher) = 707pts
  • TOBY500 (P500 Toby Sports GC) = 707pts
  • CHRIS500 (P500 Chris Sports GC) = 707pts
  • ACEWATERSPA (P550 Ace Water Spa GC) = 757pts
  • CENTERPOPVOICE2 (Center for Pop Voice 2-hour Lesson Voucher) = 848pts
  • WARCRAFTGAMECARD (World of Warcraft 60-Day Prepaid Game Card) = 1645pts
  • WARCRAFTCHEST (World of Warcraft Battle Chest) = 2360pts
  • USB32 (32GB USB) = 3193pts. TATTOOSUPERSTICK = 3381pts
  • SCANNER (Mobile Scanner) = 3815pts
  • TIMEXTRI (Timex Triathlon Watch) = 3937pts
  • TREVI (Samsung Trevi S350) = 4947pts
  • EXTHD1 (Western Digital External Hard Drive) = 5908pts
  • BB9220 (Blackberry 9220) = 6835pts
  • NANO (iPod Nano 7th Gen) = 7526pts
  • PSP (Sony PSP 3006 Slim) = 7865pts
  • BLURAYPLAYER (Pioneer Blu-Ray Player BDP-140) = 8726pts
  • BBCURVE (BB 9300 Curve) = 9950pts
  • TV (22″ Samsung LCD TV) = 12573pts
  • SAMSUNGNETBOOK (Samsung Netbook 10″ NC110) = 15804pts
  • SMAC200 = 260pts
  • SMAC500 = 650pts
  • SMAC1000 = 1300pts
  For more information please visit GCash to Rewards FAQs.]]>

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