When In Manila for a Blog Party. Being a newbie in the Blogging World, I am pretty excited because this will be the first party for bloggers that I will be attending. WhenInManila Xmas Rockeoke Blog Party, Rockeoke, Blogger's Party, When In Manila, Party In Manila I am wondering how will this party go on but I am sure that this party will surely rock my world. I am excited to meet the different bloggers, exchange cards with them, eat and drink with them, all the more, I am excited to hear their experiences. This is a perfect venue to make friends to the people whom I consider “Seniors” than me. Whole night of music, party, singing, and over flowing drinks. Geez… I really can’t wait to attend this event. What makes me more excited is the theme of the party. One should wear a Rockstar Icon costume and I already have one person in mind–Slash of Guns and Roses. I really just don’t know which of should I wear. I am really getting more excited as I write this article. [gallery columns="4" ids="2756,2755,2754,2753"]   I will also have a chance to jam with Guji Lorenzana, Janjay Coonquilla and the Tuesday Band. This is really making me more and more eager to come. Lots of drinks, prizes, and surprises awaits all the guests. This is open for all the bloggers out there. If you want to join the party, please check the details HERE. And for all those aspiring bloggers but do not have a blog yet, you might want to join and contribute to WhenInManila.com, and learn from the best people in the blogging industry. You can share your stories with their readers. You might as well read their FAQs on how to be part of the. After doing so, please send Vince a tweet @VinceGolangco and they’ll let you know how to RSVP for this event and meet everyone If you feel that you are excited for this party, all the more that I am. So see you on Tuesday Night and let’s Rock.]]>

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