Royal Lake Spa, Buffet, KTV, Massage, Royal Lake Spa has a full bar that offers a wide range of services. They serve local and international beer, wine, alcohol, and liquors. Cocktail mixes are also served. Different party packages are also being offered for different types of occasion. There is a small stage for the bands playing. The bar can also be converted into multiple function rooms for different kinds of gatherings. I love the style of the place and it is very cozy. One can grab a bottle or two, or perhaps more while having fun listening to the playing bands. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2352,2379,2442,2441,2440,2434,2427,2420,2411,2402,2396,2387"]   Once you checked-in at the front desk, you will be given a jade bracelet that looks like a charm bracelet. The bracelet is used for identification as long as you are inside the building. It is also used as a key for the lockers. You will also be given a pair of slippers which you can wear while inside the building. Royal Lake Spa, Buffet, KTV, Massage, The locker rooms are located at the second floor of the building. It is also where you will be given your bathrobe and towels to be used inside the spa area and the rest of the floors in the building. Steam bath, jacuzzi, are also located at the second floor as well as a lot of shower rooms. Royal Lake Spa, Buffet, KTV, Massage, The Spa does not only offer massage, it also offers different services like body scrub, foot spa, manicure and pedicure, and more. The third floor is the place to enjoy those other services. They have the such cozy facilities. I should say better than the other SPAs that I have been before. Royal Lake Spa, Buffet, KTV, Massage,   The Spa dining are is also at the third floor. They serve different sets of food everyday along side with the Shabu Shabu. I am not really into buffet dinner but I was able to eat a lot. Their mechado is so good that I forgot that I was on a diet. I also love the pansit that has lechon kawali on it. And of course the Shabu Shabu. Royal Lake Spa 52 [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2540,2539,2538,2537,2541,2542,2543,2544,2545"]   After eating, I went back to the second floor and took a quick shower and then went ahead to the fourth floor where the male massage rooms. The front desk representative¬† of that floor will get your bracelet number and assigns you a bed. You will also be asked if you want a male or female therapist. On my case I choose a female therapist. Royal Lake Spa 36 Before starting the massage therapy, the therapist will ask you what type of pressure would you want, either soft, moderate, or hard. I really enjoyed it. I almost fell asleep while I was being massaged. The therapist is really strong, She was able to lift me in spite of her being a small lady. I should say, that therapy completed my very long and tiring day. A perfect way to end my day. Royal Lake Spa, Buffet, KTV, Massage,   The female massage section is located at the fifth floor of the building. It is mandatory that only a female therapist is allowed to do a massage on that area. Men are not allowed in this area. After the massage and all the eating, I went straight to the 6th floor of the building which the KTV rooms are located. Yes, there are KTV rooms in this Spa. Royal Lake Spa is the first to offer this kind of service, or probably they are the only Spa that has KTV rooms. Guests are allowed to stay at the KTV rooms for a maximum of three hours and they will also be given complimentary drinks to fully enjoy their singing moments. Royal Lake Spa 37 The Royal Lake Spa offers all of these for as low as Php 780.00++. I bet that no other Spa offers this ultimate entertainment and relaxation package which is very suitable for everybody. Unlike other Spa in this area, only Royal Lake Spa gives you the best and complete service without spending a lot. A great value for money. The perfect place to pamper yourself. Perhaps, it has already been justified that this is a place for everyone to go and relax, pamper, and bond together. This Spa just opened three months ago and has been the top destination in just a few months of operation. When I visited the spa, there are a lot of people who booked in. The bar was also reserved for a private party. Even though there are a lot of people coming in, Royal Lake Spa ensures that everyone is being served well. Although there are lots of people coming in, I can not still say that the place is crowded because the place is really big enough to accommodate¬† every guests. Royal Lake Spa is open 24 hours. Anyone and drop by anytime of the day. Relax, Sing, and Dine. Royal Lake Spa is located at #60 Timog Ave. cor., Tomas Morato, Brgy. Laging Handa 1100 Quezon City, Philippines. You can call them at (02) 376-3184/376-3972 / 3763132 or 6641293. For more information about Royal Lake SPA, please click HERE.            ]]>

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