tuscany food tour     A hunger for gourmet food is something Filipino are widely known for. Possessing a palate that is always on the look out for the next big thing, we are constantly in search for something to satiate our rumbling tummies. More often than not, as commercialized restaurants flood our cities, we scurry off to fly across countries to sample their delectable offerings. However, with the hustling lifestyle we all are accustomed today, we rarely find time to take a break and go on vacations. Lucky for us, Megaworld has the answer. Tuscany at Mckinley Hill, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls’ newest establishment, houses some of the metro’s best-kept secrets. Tucked under the lush greens and peaceful facades of Italian-looking exteriors, Tuscany will surely delight anyone who wishes to relax and unwind with great company and of course, delightful eats. As if irking competitors in nearby cities to move aside, this latest development proves that Fort Bonifacio is steadily rising to become the top niches foodies and enthusiasts come to enjoy. Megaworld Lifestyle Malls is giving everyone a chance to discover Tuscany’s best kept secrets through a mouth-watering food tour open to the public this coming month. “An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour,” which will run on November 30, December 7, 14, and 21, 2013 at 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, is a degustation tour organized  by Megaworld Lifestyle Malls together with RJ Ledesma and Anton Diaz, two of the most influential foodies in society today. They will personally host and tour the participants during the event. A limited number of tickets will be available from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM on November 26 and 27, 2013 at the booth between Ukkokei Ramen Ron and Marciano’s. Ticket prices go for 1,000php per head. For a sneak peak of the gastronomic offerings this food tour has to offer, read on:   Trattoria Poggio Antico With rustic interiors reminiscent of street side cafes in classic Italy, Trattoria Poggio Antico is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that marries passion for cooking and the love for travel. Filipino owned, Trattoria was the product of an inspiration which stemmed out from a memorable family vacation to the farms and meadows of Italy. Rolland Lorilla wanted to take home with him the fresh flavors of Italian cuisine, that’s why he hired a chef with 15 years of training in the specialty and makes sure to use all organic ingredients and homemade breads and pasta for his dinners to enjoy. Tuscany Food Tour 64 Tuscany Food Tour 73 Tuscany Food Tour 87     B&T Mexican Kitchen Exotic flavors to excite your palate await you here at the B&T Mexican Kitchen. This casual Tex-Mex restaurant offers the classic staples such as delectable tacos and lip-smacking tostadas. Diners will be given their option of a do-it-yourself taco and burrito fiesta that’s sure to tickle one’s taste buds! Enjoy B&T menu whichever  way you like because this powerhouse will definitely get you saying “Arriba!” after the end of the every meal.   [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2164,2163,2162,2161,2160,2159,2158,2157,2156,2155,2154,2153"]   Sophie’s Mom Don’t let the dainty exteriors and soft, floral touches get in the way of judging the cupcake you are about to devour! Contrary to the look and feel of the cafe, Sophie’s Mom’s cupcake do pack a punch-flavorful, moist and brimming with unique flavors, they surely have paved the way to trump most cupcake cafes around the city. With a history dating back to catering to her daughter Sophie’s friends in high school, a then childhood favorite has risen to become a household name of scrumptious sweet cups that bring a smile with every bite. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2216,2217,2218,2219,2220,2221,2222,2223"]   Sauceria Sauceria believes that quality food starts from the freshest ingredients-locally farmed, have a low carbon footprint and has minimal pesticide content. The best flavors come only from the most natural of sources, and Sauceria’s samplings are made from nothing less. With sauces from scratch, homegrown herbs and artisanal breads baked to perfection, you can be assured that every bite gives you a healthy and satisfying kick. As everything from Sauceria is almost, if not always, made fresh everyday from readily available ingredients, they are not limited to a rigid commenrcial production line. This then allows diners to enjoy literally hundreds of choices-researched from the best culinary secrets all over the world which are healthy, delicious and cooked the Sauceria way.   [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2183,2185,2186,2187,2188,2191,2190,2189,2184"]   Planet Grapes Wine is always something that brings people together. For Manila’s connoisseurs or for family and friends that simply want to enjoy each other’s company over an excellent bottle of Pinot Noir, Planet Grapes is something worth checking out. With selections from all over the world (wine straight form Argentina, anyone?), their estensive roster of choices will surely delight all it’s customers. To help you pick your choice for the day, the store has a wine connoisseur on standy to guide your way through understanding and learning the art of drinking wine. The restaurant also features a quirky wine vending machine and a “wine meets street food” concept which is demonstrated on their menu. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2134,2135,2136,2138,2139,2140,2137,2141,2142,2143,2151,2150,2152,2153,2154,2155,2156,2157,2158,2159,2160,2161,2162,2163,2164,2165,2166,2167,2168,2169,2170,2171,2172,2173,2174,2175,2176,2177,2178,2179,2181,2182,2183,2184,2185,2186,2187,2188,2189,2190,2191,2192,2193,2194,2195"]   Main Street The canadian-based restaurateur, Adam Tacderas-Tan, enjoyed spending his afternoons on Main Streets in Vancouver. Immersing himself in the French-Canadian hybrid of culinary delights he has to create a soft-spot for this strip’s cuisine. Bringing in his source of coziness amidst chilly nights spent in Vancouver, Main Street in Tuscany offers magnificent samplings of comfort food made availabe to Filipino diners looking for a new-twist to old favorites. A bite from these dishes will surely send you straight to heavenly feast. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2205,2204,2207,2208,2209,2210,2211,2212,2206"]   Marciano’s Tuscany’s Italian vibe echoes through the entire food strip, a restaurant, however, embodies more than just a facade-it brings authentic, flavorful Italian cuisine to diners who wish to enjoy a delectable plate that is simply “perfecto!” With a kitchen led by expert Italian Chef, Giorgio Buciarelli, one can expect al dente pasta creations, unique and freshly made pizzas and rich, juicy premium cut steaks; all of which are among the very best. If the melody of a harmonized flavor palate isn’t enough to tantalize your taste buds, then let the quaint interiors and attention to detail transport you to villas in Southern Italy-with a glass of perfectly aged wine in a tow and food that is nothing but magnifico!   [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2193,2194,2195,2196,2197,2213,2214"]   L.E.S (Lower East Side) Bagels Fresh off the mill and oven, L.E.S. (Lower East Side) Bagel’s selection of gourmet bagels and cream cheese concoctions are mouthwatering combinations no one can resist! From the basics like blueberry, sesame, chocolate and wheat bagels combined with tasty cheese blends which include selections from salmon to berries to herbed greens-you’ll surely go loco at the amazing possiblities! L.E.S. Bagels also served coffee, pastries, cookies and more. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="2165,2166,2167,2168,2169,2170,2171,2172,2173,2174,2175,2176,2177,2178,2179,2181"]     Participants may choose their preferred date for the public tour on a first come first served basis. There are no rebooking of tours and no ticket reservations will be done over the phone. Tickets must be claimed in person at the designated redemption booth For more inquiries, please call 709-0888, 709-9888 or 0917-838-0111.  ]]>

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