Orly Nail Polish Orly Nail Polish[/caption] One of the things that amazed me and made me happy is that when one of their employees was just about to start my pedicure service, I noticed that they are using Orly Nail Polish for their Manicure and Pedicure services. It’s a girl thing indeed, almost every girl knows how beautiful a nail polish could be when used with Orly. Not just that, aside from the Manicure and Pedicure, they also do a bit of foot massage while waiting for the nail polish to dry. I had a painless and a relaxing pedicure service and I am very satisfied with the outcome of my Nail service. SS4 Secondly, I also had my hair colored with a Copper color. ¬†Their stylist amazed me because he was able to meet the hair color that I wanted. Not all Salons are being able to do that. I was indeed satisfied with the outcome of my hair color, and it made me want to come back the next time I decide to have my hair colored again. SS5 Their stylist Gerald Belino is the one beyond this transformation that was done to me. My hair is very long, and Gerald had this great idea of curl ironing it, and there is the result. I really love the outcome, colored and curled hair. I recommend this salon to my friends and to the readers of our site. If you are looking for a Salon which offers an international and lovely service at a very reasonable price, Status Salon is what you are looking for. Plus, they have their very accommodating and very nice employees. The ambience of the salon is very relaxing.   Here is the price list of the salon and the services they are offering: SS2 And because of what the Super Typhoon Yolanda has brought to our countrymen, Status Hair Salon will be having this “Beauty for a cause”. From November 26 to December 15, 2013, once we get our hair done, 20% of the sales will be donated to help the victims of the Typhoon Yolanda. SS1   What else are you girls waiting for? Where else can you find a service like this? It’s like a pampering day and a helping day at the same time. This is exactly the Salon all girls have been waiting for.  ]]>

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