The prevalence of technology in our lives is undeniable- especially in a world where morning coffee is accompanied by social media feeds instead of daily newspapers, exchanges are done via voice messages instead of snail mails, and milestones are shared to the world and not limited to just friends who browse photo albums when visiting your house. Today, as our daily activities receive more digital love, there is a yearning for technological advances to think more like people and link back to organic interactions. Read on and find out how the social app WeChat makes use experiences more human by simulating conversations, the same way you and the rest of the world connect. 1. Talk digitally the same way you do personally Gone are the days when you need as hop on a plane to talk to a family member face-to-face or drive miles to catch up with friends. WeChat lets you do both wherever you are with a video call function that works over WiFi or 3G networks, and a group messaging feature that lets you chat up a storm with up to 40 people in your list. It also allows for an easy shift from typing to talking when you press the “Hold to Talk” button, which records and sends your messages in an instant. 2. Grow your circles. Remember when making friends in new places started with small talks? Well, WeChat allows you to do the same, but in a quicker (and not to mention easier) way. The “People Nearby” features pinpoints other WeChat users in the area and lets you start conversations with them in an instant. Meanwhile, the “Shake” feature- activated by literally shaking your phone-connects you to anyone in the world who is also shaking their phones at the same time. 3. Bring on the moments. Just like public album, WeChat allows you to share with the world photos, videos, recordings, and comments all in one platform called “Moments.” You can even choose to customize them using photo filters and personalized emoticons, which you can create by converting and saving image. 4. Shift platforms in a snap. While it’s true that going mobile makes connections easier, quicker, and more fun, it also gets harder when you have to go from one gadget to another or handle multiple screens. WeChat makes shifting more seamless for you as it also has a PC version where you can log into and continue your conversations. Plus point, you can access it with one QR code scan generated by <>. No need to download software! The app also supports social network integration-allowing you easily link WeChat to your Facebook profile.   5. Backup, backup, backup. Last but definitely not the least, there is no need for you to worry about your files getting corrupted or your conversations being forgotten. WeChat protects your data by on-demand data backup and retrieval to/from its cloud based server.     As more and more people secure their daily activities for the mobile ride, WeChat ensures all 100 million users in its international community of a clean, simple, multisensory platform that covers all possible areas of human communication.   WeChat is a mobile social smartphone app available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Nokia, and Symbian platforms. Experience WeChat today by scanning the QR Code below or by visiting <>             About WeChat WeChat is an innovative mobile social communications application designed for smartphone users.  WeChat is free for download from app stores running on Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone operating systems*.  It is the most downloaded mobile social app in many markets with more than 100 million registered accounts in international markets.   WeChat users can add friends via a wide range of innovative actions and methods, including scanning QR codes, connecting users’ phone books and activating location-based functions such as “People Nearby” and “Shake”.  The platform enhances social interaction by supporting exchanging of text, voice and video, stickers, and photos with their friends over data networks or under Wi-Fi environments.  Users can choose to communicate one-on-one, or within their closed social network through “Moments”.   WeChat also comes with comprehensive privacy setting functions, which enables user to tailor their security level as needed. For more details and application download, please visit        ]]>

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