image When we talked about sports in the Philippines, it can never be out of Filipino people’s culture all throughout several generations. Basically, people would associate it with the newly declared national sports of the said country which is Arnis de Mano (harness of the hand) or Arnis for short. Besides, people would even initially think of another sport which would probably be boxing as our very own Manny Pacquiao had been topping the said sport for over quite a few years. However, throughout the years, the Philippines has been continuing to flourish their culture with a great influence much of the Western culture. One thing that would provide evidence of this is the ever-promising sport that continues to capture the hearts of the Filipino people—basketball. image With the Philippines’ ceaseless passion for basketball, National Geographic Channel launches a new series, Pinoy Hoops. The series is a docu-diary which will be presented by Rafe Bartholomew—the author of the best-selling book, Pacific Rims. Bartholomew will guide us into his travels as he unravels his curiosity with the Philippines’ basketball obsession. Philippines has been considered as Asia’s Basketball Mecca which is not startling at all. From all over the country, it’s very rare for the people not to see at least one improvised court set in every barangay, like it has been a requirement for every barangay. image Furthermore, as Bartholomew discloses the world of basketball, he tries to explore not only back-alley courts in neighborhoods but even the remote mountainsides wherein he gets to see how the Filipino people take basketball professionally, that it has been no longer just a sport for a few but a way of life. In Bartholomew’s book Pacific Rims, he divulges everything that there has to know about basketball, particularly in the Philippines. His American race had never hindered him from exploring the Filipino’s relationship with the sport. He had poured much of his effort, researching every details of basketball in the Philippine society. It took two years to instigate Pinoy Hoops which is very much sought by an expert who pursued in getting to know Filipinos well and their undeniable ardor for basketball.]]>

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