Year of the Horse, Marites Allen, Feng Shui Science, Good Luck, Wooden Horse The run-up to the coming Year of the Wood Horse starts with London-based and well-known Feng Shui expert Marites Allen conducting her much-awaited Annual Feng Shui Updates in Metro Manila. The start of the Wooden Horse year will be on January 31, 2014. It will be held at the Infinity Ballroom of the F1 Hotel Manila at BGC, Global City on December 7, 2013. The event will be hosted by Marites Allen and Boy Abunda. This event is the largest gathering event of Feng Shui aficionados here in the Philippines, from all over the country and even from our Asian neighbors. In this event, everyone will be aware of the benefits of Feng Shui to different fields, like businesses, different industries and the lives of every individual during the year.   There are five said cosmic elements– Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal and Water. Traditionally, Feng Shui harmonizes the space between objects, the directions, the places and the correct positioning of everything in order to achieve that luck.       “Even to those who claim they don’t believe in Feng Shui, its practical applications are all over us in this modern world,” says Marites. One more interesting thing that she said was when she cited the latest iPhone line from Apple as an example, she notes that the five colors of it’s mass-priced line reflect the five Feng Shui elements: Green (Wood), White (Metal), Red (Fire), Yellow (Earth), and Blue (Water). See how fascinating Feng Shui is and how it actually proves it works?   This event will feature many new ways of applying the Feng Shui principles to daily living in order to attract positive energies. The European brand, Frigga is one of the applications that will experience the Feng Shui. Frigga decided to collaborate its products to Feng Shui believing it will give them the luck of increasing their sales. The brand lives with the concept of feng shui. It strongly believes that we need to live in harmony with natural elements in our environment, and the most personal and intimate parts of the surroundings are the clothes and accessories we wear everyday. Feng shui tells us that it is by achieving the balance in the natural elements that surround us, and that’s when we become successful and truly happy. This is a matter of knowing what to wear, why we should wear them and why we should not wear them.   The design team of Frigga is composed Toby Meadows, a fashion business consultant and the international bestselling author of “How to Set up & Run a Fashion Label.” Alice Shreeve and Hannah Coniam, fashion designers and creative directors, who are also the owners/designers of Belle & Bunty, a multi-awarded women’s wear label;  and RipertShreeve, Brand Positioning/Creative Consultant, who has led projects for some of the world’s biggest brands including Coca-Cola, British Airways, and LG Electronics . Every item designed by the team conforms to Feng Shui design principles which are rigorously designed by Marites.   “Every item carries a distinctive fashion DNA, making Frigga the first of its kind. It combines colors and prints, which are symbolic of various Feng Shui elements, to help attract auspicious energies and enhance the chances for better health, wealth, career and relationships. Call it fashion for a reason, or fashion with a purpose that goes beyond just looking good.” says the Feng Shui expert now turned Frigga ambassador.   “Participants in the 2014 Annual Feng Shui Updates will be treated to a fashion show featuring designs for the coming New Year and a preview of Frigga’s Spring/Summer collection. The main portion of the event will, of course, be the forecasts for business and individuals, as well as suggestions to attract better opportunities in the Year of the Wood Horse. Tickets for December convention are now available at all World of Feng Shui Philippine boutiques in Metro Manila or at F1 hotel. Alternatively please call 0920-9509390 / 0917-8522983 / 4420113 / 5560615 for details, or visit and for more about Marites Allen and Frigga brand.”   [gallery type="slideshow" ids="1395,1396,1397,1398,1399,1400,1401,1402,1403,1404,1405,1406,1407,1408,1409,1410,1411,1412,1413,1414,1415,1416,1417,1418,1419,1420,1421,1422,1423,1424,1425,1426,1427,1428,1429,1430,1431,1432,1433,1434,1435,1436,1437,1438,1439,1440,1441,1442,1443,1444,1445,1446,1447,1448,1449,1450,1451,1452,1453,1454,1455,1456,1457,1458,1459,1460,1461,1462,1463,1464,1465,1466,1467,1468,1469,1470,1471"]  ]]>

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