Image     Deciding to avail a plan for mobile phones or gadgets is now a mainstream to business people or even to those people who are fortunate enough to avail one or even more. Through plan, these postpaid subscribers are being able to use their gadgets in a more enjoying way. They are being able to communicate, to enjoy the social network, to promote their goods, to negotiate with their customers without a thing that might limit them from enjoying the latter.   Smart Communications is the Philippines’ leading wireless services. Smart Postpaid lets you maximize your budget with the plan from a reliable network. Who wouldn’t want to have a bundle of happiness? Who wouldn’t enjoy a gadget that comes with another gadget in a single plan?   Image   The wireless network has just launched the Smart Postpaid Unlimited Data Plan 999 –This is the Smart’s lowest-priced mobile postpaid plan that comes with unlimited mobile Internet connection. The said plan is currently bundled with a free Lenovo IdeaTab A1000 and a Lenovo A390 smartphone.   Through this, the customers will be able to choose either to access the Social network through a 7-inch tablet screen or check  or do the “instasharing” through a more compact smartphone. This is an offer from Smart that no one can resist, with its 24/7 real connectivity.   Being online more often is now a need for majority. It is more like a necessity these days . Posting, sharing and having ourselves updated with the latest stuff have become a part of the mainstream.  According to a recent study, Facebook, YouTube and messaging applications like WeChat, Skype and the likes are parts of the top ten Smartphone applications. Let me also include here Twitter, Viber, KakaoTalk etc.   The Unlimited Data Plan 999 is perfect for those who want to enjoy the Internet in real-time, and live life without missing out on any online trends, breaking news and updates from friends and contacts.   Fully Customizable “The Smart Unlimited Data Plan 999 also comes with free 9 minutes of all net voice calls and 99 all net text messages per month. To avail of other mobile services, user can customize the plan through Smart Flexibundles – a variety of call, text and data offers that subscribers can mix and match to suit their lifestyle and mobile needs. With more than 20 Flexibundles to choose from, subscribers can easily register through text, whether they need unlimited call minutes, unlimited texts, calls and texts to all networks, international call and texts, or a combination of everything they need.”   “The Lenovo combo is just the initial offering, and soon, more tablets and devices will be bundled with the Smart Postpaid Unlimited Data Plan 999.” Said Kathy Carag, Smart’s Postpaid Business Head.   For more information about Smart’s Unlimited Data Plan 999 and Flexibundles, visit To subscribe to the Smart Unlimited Data Plan 999 with free Lenovo IdeaTab A1000 and Lenovo A390, apply now at the nearest Smart Store or visit]]>

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