Image When we talk about worldly possessions, like cars, houses, properties etc., insurance issues will never go out of our way. Like what if it didn’t last as how long we expected it to last? What if an accident occurs? What if? Just what if. That’s when insurance becomes the most important thing when we get to have one or more of these worldly possessions. We will always choose to secure our future, because we’ll never know what is going to happen next. Right? This is more like making sure that whatever happens, we are secured. Nowadays, gadgets have become one of the necessities of people. In business, in communicating, having ourselves updated with currents events and with someone like me, having this syndrome of posting every picture and every stuff that I do just to let people know the latest things that are happening to me. Admit or not, not being able to go online in one day feels like a year of being outdated, right? Or with the business people, through mobile phones, they are being able to promote, to negotiate with their customers and to have a broad business world to negotiate with. I guess that is probably a reason why we spend so much money just to be able to have these gadgets, these mobile phones. Who wouldn’t mind to have one when you actually have money? But, the question is, are we gonna let these gadgets just slip out of our hands right away? Just like that? We can never run from accidents, we can never run from people who are dauntless enough to steal away what we worked hard for, we can never run from the fact that our mobile phones may break in just a snap of a finger. This is exactly why mobile phones are now indeed worth protecting with an insurance program that will make us confident and secured. Cars, houses, properties are not just the ones which come along with an insurance program. Globe has just launched the first-ever mobile phone protection program in the country, Globe Gadget Care. The revolutionary product is offered exclusively to Globe postpaid subscribers. In partnership with global insurance provider Ace Insurance. This is an offer no one can resist!   Free 1-month coverage for new and re-contracting subscribers And as an early Christmas gift for subscribers for a wonderful and hassle-free experience with their mobile phones, Globe Postpaid is extending a free one-month subscription to all new and re-contracting customers availing of a new handset to allow them to experience Globe Gadget Care.   This free 1-month offer is spot-on because people tend to be extra careful and sensitive when using brand-new phones. They take extra precaution when bringing it to public places and conscientiously buy protective cases to avoid scratches and dents. But in reality, theft and accidental damages are ultimately out of one’s control. Globe Gadget Care is another breakthrough service from Globe that offers comprehensive coverage for mobile phone theft and accidental damage, giving subscribers a worry-free experience when using their prized handsets.”   For as low as P89.00 per month, subscribers can continue enjoying the benefits of the comprehensive coverage after the free 1-month coverage, which can protect devices against accidental damage, theft or robbery, and outstanding postpaid bill balance.  The mobile protection program also guarantees hassle-free handset replacement, easy claims processing, and worldwide protection coverage for all subscribers.   Again, this is offered exclusively to postpaid subscribers.  So Globe postpaid subscribers, what else are you waiting for? Go and avail this very special offer from Globe.   To know more about Globe Gadget Care, call the Globe Gadget Care Hotline (02)7565400 or toll-free 1-800-8-7565400, or visit or any Globe Store nationwide.]]>

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