OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Goya Take It: Lets you enjoy your choco fix the way you want it Okay! Before I start this blog I want you guys (– yes, you my awesome readers!) to go grab some sweet snack/s over there and prepare yourselves to get envious and crave for this sinful and yet sweet glee that I’ll be sharing with you. Everyone knows that chocolate is one of our favorites. People just can’t get enough of it whether local or imported, if someone sees a bar of this wonderful delight bet your life on it, 101% that he will grab that innocent food of yours, slowly tear that shining wrapper, put that smoothed, brown-colored piece of “chocolate” into his mouth and violah! You’ll find yourself giving him “the look.” Despite from making you a dentist-lover, your favorite chocolate is also known for its health benefits (reduce high blood pressure, decrease the risk of heart attack, and avoid damage cells). Chocolates are said to help give boost to the moods so whenever you’re feeling Mr. Lonely you know what to do or having a hard time memorizing for that long quiz give it a shot let the powers of this treat do the wonders. Well, there are tons of reasons why people should have a bite. Actually, a chocolate factory named Goya has found a quickie way to get you in the mood by just taking it. Yeah, you heard me right, as simple as that. With the new Goya Take It chocolate wafer all your troubles will be flushed away. This three-layer crispy wafer fingers smothered in milk chocolate that is available in easy-to-carry packs of 2 fingers, 4 fingers and if you are the type who goes hardcore and loco over choco, no worries because a 6 pack of 2 fingers was been made for you. Goya, a trusted maker of the Pinoy’s well-liked and recognized brand of chocolate, guarantees its consumers that every inch of Goya Take It molded chocolate wafer is no doubt made from Swiss quality chocolate for it is a product of Delfi Foods, Inc., a license of Delfi Chocolates Manufacturing S.A. in Switzerland. Goya Take It is reasonably priced so you get a one hit combo in a pleasurable and affordable way. Also they made it very handy, allowing you to take it anytime, anywhere without having to think twice. This wonderful treat can be eaten it various ways too giving you the momentum to enjoy and have a feast with your preferred way of devouring. Who wouldn’t want to experiment with chocolates, ugh? Be the master in your own kitchen! Goya believes that not only the chocolate lovers will go wild about this because the don’t underestimate the power of chocolate.  ]]>

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