Kant, Immanuel Kant, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics It is said that Religion and Politics shouldn’t be a topic during drinking sessions. These two topics usually end up in heated arguments which may result to violence. Now, do we also have to avoid talking about Philosophy? A heated argument burst out in Russia over the ideas of Immanuel Kant which resulted to violence which one shot the other using an air pistol. The conversation heated up while they are waiting for their beer. They are arguing who among them is a bigger fan of Kant. The police did not identify them but the gunman had already been detained and probably may face 15 years in jail, while the victim is still in the hospital. Source: Time World — Kant is a Prussian philosopher. He is widely considered to be the central figure of modern philosophy. He is well know for his Critique of Pure Reason. His thoughts and theories has influenced contemporary philosophy, especially in the fields of ethics, metaphysics, political philosophy, and epistemology.]]>

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