Image It has been rumored that the device will cost 3000 Yuan, which equates to about $490.  It has the same price as the iPhone 4, considering that said iPhone4 is already out for three years. $490 may be a very reasonable price for a brand-new Apple smartphone. With that kind of price, you’re not going to be getting a high-end powerhouse, but it is expect to be running on iOS 7. Specifications are not yet confirmed, but the Cupertino based giant might use many of the parts found in previous iOS devices. Image Image Image Image Image It is said that the device made of poly-carbonate. The slick Gorilla Glass and anodized aluminum finishes of the premium devices will be scrapped to save on cost. Still, the company always strives to create handsets with finesse, and looking at these new shots, we’d say this new device will not disappoint the apple fans. Image What do you think of the iPhone 5C and the leaks that have been out recently? Is it worth the price? And more importantly, would you purchase it for the retail price of $499 instead of going for a regular iPhone 4S? Please leave your comments below. We’d love to hear your ideas on this. (Image Source: SonnyDickson)]]>

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